7 Maternity Considerations for the Working Woman

As a career woman, is there ever a right time for motherhood? The short, answer is probably ‘NO’ for most women. Whilst this may be so for various reasons, thinking about maternity issues in advance can help prepare you for motherhood. Below are some considerations for a working mum-to-be. 1. Save, save, save Regardless of […]

Flexi-time, The Working Mum’s Lifesaver

Flexi-time has proved to be the biggest advantage of my new job. This was especially true a couple of weeks before Christmas.  Papa Nate came down with a viral illness and was effectively out of action for two weeks.  Having flexi-time helped me work around the needs of my family. I was able arrive at […]

Karren Brady on the Stay-at-Home Mother

I came across some recent comments made by Karren Brady in an interview for Telegraph Wonder Women. I’ve been a long time admirer of Karren Brady, from her early days on the interview stage of the UK Apprentice. I love her dress sense, especially her Chanel items. She’s definitely a career role model. Here’s what she said […]