5 Things I Will Teach My Son As A Nigerian Mum

Last week, one of the top trends on Twitter was #BeingFemaleInNigeria. Although I’m UK based, I could relate to a lot of the things that were being shared. It was evident that the issues stem from a certain attitude that has been handed down from generations. In a conversation with a fellow mummy blogger, she […]

What Do You Mean Baby Brain Doesn’t Exist?

The results of a recent study concluded that there’s no such thing as ‘baby brain’ because it’s a concept of the mind. Errrrrrr, excuse me? Whilst I’m very against viewing pregnancy as a ‘condition’ or a reason to excuse tardiness, I think there is some truth to the existence of baby brain. I don’t really […]

The Wheelchair User and The Mum With The Pushchair

Almost three years ago, wheelchair user Doug Paulley tried to board a bus but was refused entry because the space was already occupied. Not by another wheelchair user, but by a sleeping baby in a pushchair. Paulley couldn’t get on the bus because the mother of the baby refused to fold the pushchair. Paulley sued […]