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I'm a London based mother of two. I'm also a wife, daughter, sister and friend. This blog is about how I juggle my different roles.

The Wheelchair User and The Mum With The Pushchair

Almost three years ago, wheelchair user Doug Paulley tried to board a bus but was refused entry because the space was already occupied. Not by another wheelchair user, but by a sleeping baby in a pushchair. Paulley couldn’t get on the bus because the mother of the baby refused to fold the pushchair. Paulley sued […]

Karren Brady on the Stay-at-Home Mother

I came across some recent comments made by Karren Brady in an interview for Telegraph Wonder Women. I’ve been a long time admirer of Karren Brady, from her early days on the interview stage of the UK Apprentice. I love her dress sense, especially her Chanel items. She’s definitely a career role model. Here’s what she said […]