We Are Not Equals

I was triggered. I had to get this off my chest.

Consider the following list:

  • Single/Cohabiting
  • No children/Children
  • Single parent/Two parent household
  • One child/more than one child
  • Live alone/Live with family
  • Live in a flat/Live in a house
  • Flat, no outside space/Flat with balcony
  • Terraced house/detached house
  • Spare room or office/No spare room or office
  • Employed/Not employed
  • Self employed/Furloughed
  • Working from home/Essential worker
  • Home schooling/Not home schooling
  • Working from home and homeschooling/Furloughed and home schooling
  • Children at different school stages/Children in the same school stage
  • No PC,Laptop,tablet/One laptop
  • Multiple tablets and screens/No internet

I. Could. Go. On!

The list above has not even factored in things like caring for sick and/or elderly relatives, or mental and physical disabilities.

Which of those situations listed above apply to you? From your circle of friends and family, do you know which ones apply to them too?

It’s amazing that some people have learnt a new skill over the last couple of months and have sorted out their lives. Some have rediscovered passions, and have taken steps to achieve their goals. Again, well done to them.


I have found myself:

  • working longer hours from home;
  • sleeping less;
  • cooking and cleaning more (because you know, “Stay Home; Stay Safe”);
  • home schooling;
  • trying to find ways to entertain the children;
  • breaking up mini battles between my children; and
  • trying to stay friends with my husband.

With all this, the only logical thing I want to do with the spare time that I apparently have in abundance, is to sleep.

Please feel free to continue to ace this lockdown thing. While you’re doing it, face your front and mind your own.

Now is not the time to expect people to “make the most” of this time based on your own uniques circumstances. We are not equals. There are so many variables that ultimately affect how someone will react and spend this time.

Be kind and see beyond your seat of privilege.

I’ll end with this Instagram post from Dr Caroline Leaf. I saved it at the beginning of April and it still resonates with me now.



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