So I’m a Mum of Two: 6 Week Update

Yes. In case you missed it, I’m now a mum of two. My status changed six weeks ago when we welcomed our precious baby girl into the world.

I didn’t keep a pregnancy diary during my second pregnancy like I’d done with my firstborn. It wasn’t an intentional omission, just what seemed right for me. In the coming weeks and months, I hope to share more posts about my journey to becoming a mum of two, including my birth stories.

Back to the present. I recently reflected on how time seems to already be flying by, so I decided to collate my thoughts and experiences so far, as a mum of two.

Big Bro and Little Sis

After being an only child for almost four years, big brother Nate also had some adjusting to do. We tried to prepare him in advance, but I really wasn’t sure how he would be with his little sister.

In the early days, he would ask to carry her one minute, then the next he would say, “I don’t want babies in my house anymore”. We also had tantrum like behaviour which could be attributed to the big change. We have tried to be reassuring and to let him know how loved he is by us, and his little sister. Recently, when someone joked about taking his sister home with them, he refused to allow it. And just the other day, he was looking at pictures in my phone and he said “Look mummy, Maia is so cute”. Of course my heart melted. I’m sure he will be just fine very soon.

Mama + Nate + Maia

I knew that being a mum of two was not going to be a walk in the park (on a pleasant day). I’m so glad that I was real with myself and my expectations.

Having a toddler and a newborn is tiring. As in, really tiring. On reflection, I won’t say it’s exhausting because my support system has been great. I have had help in the form of aunties bringing food so I don’t have to cook (happy dance); sisters babysitting; grandma doing baby baths; and Papa Nate doing night duty. All of this means I’ve been able to get some much needed rest.

However, the one thing that no one could help me with in the first six weeks was breastfeeding. While I know that breast is best, my approach to breastfeeding is “take one day at a time”. Again, I had prepared myself that it wasn’t going to be easy, but, even that was an understatement. So much so that my approach became “one feed at a time”.

It seems I have a high pain threshold because by the time I went to see my GP about the pain, I was getting over the worst of it. (This was about 3-4 four weeks in.) I’m now more comfortable and no longer dread feeding time.

On a positive and less dramatic note, I thought it would take me ages to venture out with both children on my own. However, I have tried it on several occasions using both a carrier and a pushchair, and we galavanted well and survived.

My Maia

My baby girl has been a dream from the very beginning and I’m enjoying being her mummy. She loves her food and her sleep. She can go from zero to one hundred in under a second, but she is easily soothed.

She has gained weight steadily since her birth and she loves bathtime. She recognises me now and responds to my voice when I enter a room. I love this newborn phase and I’m looking forward to watching her grow and change before my eyes.

I’d love to hear tips on juggling a toddler and a newborn so please share.

Thanks for stopping by. :-)

Mama Nate (and Maia 😉 )

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