My Pregnancy Diary – Part 10

Welcome back to my series of throwback posts about my pregnancy. (The end is in sight, if you’ve missed any and want to catch up, they are all here. :-) )

Date of entry: Thursday 20 June 2013 – 23:45 (39 weeks pregnant)

It’s my darling sister – FT’s birthday…….yay!!

I woke up this morning and was quite tired as I’ve gotten into the habit of sleeping late. I went for my appointment with the GP and was slightly anxious because according to the schedule I was given at the start, the appointment should have been last week. I’m 39 weeks today and baby is due in 7 days time, that’s sooo funny to me. All went well at the appointment, except my urine is being sent for testing. I’m not too fussed though.

The highlight of my day was going for a celebratory dinner with the ‘TJ Girls’ for FT’s birthday; Teni’s first class degree results; Mummy’s coursework result; Little FT’s likely appointment as Yr 11 Ambassador; and of course, the impending arrival of my baby. It was a lovely evening and we ate stuffed ourselves well well. So much so that I actually won’t be able to lie down for a good while.

With my ‘TJ Girls’. 39 weeks

Date of entry: Thursday 27 June 2013 – 40 weeks baby!!!!!

Well, today I’m officially full term. Thank you Lord for this wonderful journey.

D-Day hair was done on Tuesday by FT. I stayed up late that night and thought I felt some slight liquid. I put in a pad and decided to wait until the morning. In the morning, I decided to go and see the midwife to check. It turned out after a speculum examination that my waters had not broken but that I may have a slight infection. This morning, I went for my planned 40week appointment and was informed that all is well and that Baby is fully engaged. Heartbeat was nice and strong and midwife booked me in for a 41 week appointment next week if the baby has not arrived by then. At that appointment, a membrane sweep will be done in order to get things moving. Really praying that won’t be necessary.

I would love for this Bubba to arrive in the next few days, especially as Grandma has leave in the first week of July. I’m going to have to intensify the walking. Very excited to meet this little person who has been kicking me in all manners of ways.

Date of entry: Saturday 29 June 2013 – 19:28 (40 weeks plus 2 days)

I’m half lying on the bed and I have a lot on my mind. I woke up this morning with the cleaning bug so I set about hoovering the whole flat including the nooks and crannies. I enlisted Hubby’s help part way through and before we knew it, he was putting up curtains and ceiling light shades. We’re very happy with the end result and glad we persevered. After mopping the floors, I had a power nap, showered, ate and dressed up in my new maxi dress from Teni, then dragged the Hubby out so we could go for a walk. The weather was lovely and so was our walk.

Bumpwatch: 40 weeks plus 2 days

I’ve had a wonderful pregnancy, I say this even as the sharp pain I’ve been feeling under my right breast for over two weeks is making me want to cry!! When I mentioned it to the midwife, she said it was probably the baby’s foot in my ribs – nice!! It’s only really in the last month or so that I can say I’ve had ‘signs/side effects’ of pregnancy. Getting numb hands was definitely a new sensation (no pun intended). My feet swelled a couple of times but not to any big or uncomfortable extent. Heartburn became more frequent not to mention needing the loo every hour and not being able to hold it. I have gotten fuller in the face and slightly darker but my perception of the extent of this differs to those of my mum and sisters for example. I’m also definitely more emotional than normal and I was told more abrupt (didn’t think that was possible tbh, lol).

Despite all the above, I wouldn’t change a day and feel blessed beyond belief.

Really want baby to get here now, I can’t lie.


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