My Pregnancy Diary – Part 9

Welcome back to my throwback series of posts from my first pregnancy. 

Bump watch - 38 weeks
Bump watch – 38 weeks

Date of entry: Friday 14 June 2013 – 21:17 (38 weeks pregnant)

It’s been over two weeks since my last entry, in my head it really hadn’t been that long. I must confess that it’s pure laziness cos it not like I’ve been busy. Well, actually a lot has been accomplished over the past couple of weeks.

Firstly, I’m a week into my maternity leave. A very long week at that. Everyone is telling me to “enjoy the rest and take it easy” before the baby comes, I’ve actually found it hard to fill my days. It also gives me a lot of time to think about labour/baby related things.

The Lord has blessed me with another year and I’m now two years away from my 30th – wowzers!! As the day fell on my penultimate day at work, I baked and took some treats in to work, lets just say my banana cake was a massive hit. My little FT had to be picked up from school by the Hubby as she was unwell so she was at mine when I got home. Then Mummy and big FT came over, we had a lovely time. My dearest Mrs C from Rugby sent me flowers and a card, I was so touched. She is such a star.

Gifts from my colleagues
Gifts from my colleagues

So Friday 7th was my last day at work and it was not as emotional as I thought it would be. Due to some IT issues, we couldn’t use the case management system so this gave me time to clear out my desk. Again, this didn’t prove too onerous. I managed to complete all my case handover notes and transfered all my cases and was ready to go by 3:30ish. There was a presentation which actually left me speechless and I got really thoughtful gifts. I eventually left at 4pm after setting my out of office to return in July 2014!! It was actually a good feeling. I didn’t cry and in the end, I just wanted to be home.

I have bought some more baby essentials and Hubby and I spent some time unpacking all the gifts and items that were delivered from John Lewis. I agonised over whether I should wash all of the new baby clothes but decided against it in the end. (I decided to just do the sheets, blankets and muslins.) The baby bag is packed and my hospital bag is packed but just needs a few more items which have been ordered. We set up the Moses basket and I guess we’re ready.

My sister in law has given birth to a lovely little boy and a lady recently had a supernatural delivery with the birth of her daughter. This all encourages me. I’m really looking forward to meeting my baby.

When your baby bump doubles as a tray/resting place
When your baby bump doubles as a tray/resting place

As I reflect back on this whole journey, I can only look back and thank my father in heaven. He has been my strength and my comfort. I’m thankful that I haven’t had to endure the less savoury aspects of pregnancy such as morning sickness, excessive weight gain, water retention, stretch marks and the million other things that affect some people. This being said, it has been a very emotional journey. It has also been a blessing to have my homies Mrs J and Mrs P to call on for all my random questions. It goes without saying that my mum and sisters have been more than awesome, I’m so grateful and pray that our joy shall be full on the appointed day in Jesus name – Amen. I’m gonna chillax now before I turn to mush with all these musings of mine.


Thanks for stopping by, stayed tuned for the remaining couple of posts in this series.

Mama Nate :-)



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