My Pregnancy Diary – Part 8

My Pregnancy Diary – Part 8

Welcome back to my throwback series of posts from my pregnancy.

Date of entry: Wednesday 15 May – 18:55 (33+6 weeks pregnant)

Bubba is getting bigger and my belly is feeling snug!! The kicks are slightly more painful and I actually see limbs poking through my belly.

We had the third and final antenatal class today on labour. It would have been good if I’d been able to stay awake the whole way through. It was insightful nevertheless. It’s getting more and more real now, I’m so thankful for all God is continuing to do in our lives.



So I decided to start watching The Good Wife, I love a good legal drama. If only the  legal profession was as glossy as all these shows make out. *big, big, sigh*

Anyway moving on, I’ve just done a mini countdown and after tomorrow, I have 14 more days at work. I decided not to bother leaving a week earlier despite how I’ve been feeling. Gonna ride it out and not stress myself. I’ve got my 34 week check up tomorrow and just realised that this allows me a small lie in, yay! With that, I’m going to call it a night.

Date of entry: Sunday 19 May 2013 – 22:52 (34 weeks pregnant)

I’ve had an interesting few days since my last entry. On Thursday morning I attended my 34 week check up and was very emotional. So much so that I cried during the appointment. The midwives asked if I had depression and wanted to be referred. I kindly declined but it was still slightly embarrassing. Thankfully all is well with baby and growth wise, I measured bang on 34cm and Bubba’s position was ascertained. I left there and went to work not really in the mood but thankfully my day got better.

I went to see my Mummy after work, ate some lovely mummy prepared food and gisted with her and FT. All in all, I left in better spirits.


On Friday I had a nice chillaxed day, Hubby and I went for brunch and I continued with The Good Wife. Saturday was much of the same but I went to a first birthday party in the evening. It was nice and the celebrant was totes cute!!!

Sunday was another chilled day. I grabbed another eBay bargain which I’m very pleased about – a multi use Widgey Pillow for only £5 and seller is relatively local. I should hopefully be able to collect it this week.

Baby shower plans had been making me anxious but things are in hand as far as I’m aware so I’m just gonna take my mind off it and leave it to FT’s capable hands.

It’s now 23:05 so I’m gonna call it a night and hit the hay. :-)

Baby Shower - Part 1
Baby Shower – Part 1

Date of entry: Saturday 25 May 2013 – 22:35 (35 weeks pregnant)

Today was Baby Shower part one and it was a lovely occasion. My sister FT and Trica hosted. It was small and intimate with seven lovely ladies from work. I received lots of lovely gifts. I am looking forward to Part 2 tomorrow.

Date of entry: Sunday, actually it’s now technically Monday 27 May – 01:02.

I just settled into bed after an epic day. Still on a high from the day’s events though I’m quite tired. Baby shower part 2 was a great success despite the various obstacles that presented themselves. I had a wonderful time and I’m thankful for wonderful friends and family ❤.

At the start and end of Baby Shower Part 2
At the start and end of Baby Shower Part 2

Date of entry: Tuesday 28 May 2013 – 17:15 (35+5 weeks pregnant)

I’m in very good spirits today despite my tiredness from the weekend. I had my 36wks antenatal today and we discussed my birth plan. All is well with Baby and he is in a great position. I just feel more at ease, I think the midwife was really nice too which helped. Gonna lie down as soon as I get home. 8 more working days left, whoop whoop!!!

To be continued. (Look out for the last few posts which will be published soon.)

Thanks for stopping by. :-)

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    1. Hi Temi

      Logistically, two showers ended up being better. Both were very small and held at home as opposed to these fancy affairs that have now become the norm.

      Yes, I was very “pregnant” those last few weeks…hahaha.

      Thanks for stopping by. xXx

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