My Pregnancy Diary – Part 6

Welcome to Part 6.

Bump watch - 29 weeks
Bump watch – 29 weeks

Date of entry: Monday 15 April 2013 – 4:40am (29 weeks pregnant)

As has become customary, I went to the bathroom about an hour ago and I haven’t been able to sleep since. I’m lying here – alone on the bed because Hubby has been sleeping in the front room (to give me space). I’m overwhelmed by how much I love my baby. I felt some rhythmic movements which must have been hiccups about 5 minutes prior to starting this entry. Feeling the movements, which are becoming stronger (but not painful) is the best thing in the world to me at the moment.

So we had guests yesterday (Sunday), in the form of the beautiful Rhoda and her family, with my Mummy and Sis thrown in the mix. Aunty B went all out with the cooking and I really didn’t do much at all. So I had time to make a marble cake ;-). Good times were had by all.

Chocolate and vanilla goodness, aka, Marble cake.
Chocolate and vanilla goodness, aka, Marble cake.

Work is starting to drag now but as we’re now in the middle of April, I guess the next 7 weeks will fly by. Which also leads me to think about my prep for the big day. We bought the cutest wardrobe and cot last week, they just need to be assembled. I’m still searching all these baby sites comparing and contrasting prices. Saw some really cute newborn starter sets from M&S which I think I’m going to buy. I’m giving myself 5 more weeks to have all my essentials purchased. Exciting and expensive times!

On the plus side, almost 30 weeks in and I’m still rocking my normal clothes and haven’t bought anymore ‘M’ clothes since the four items I bought last December – good times. I’m going to see how long I can keep managing. I have identified some midi dresses but seeing as the weather (with the exception of yesterday) has been cold and wintery, I’m gonna hold fire. On the subject of the weather, I really want to start walking more in these coming weeks but this is weather dependant. I may just have to firm it, cos I need to be active.

No 'M' clothes here...
No ‘M’ clothes here…

I know I’ve said it before but, I really can’t wait to meet Bubbs. I’m so grateful to God for this amazing gift. I’ve truly been blessed so far and I know He will watch over us and finish what he has started in our lives – Amen.

It’s now 5:11am, gonna try to catch some last minute sleep (even though birds have started chirping outside). :-)

Date of entry: Wednesday 17 April – 23:08

It’s been a busy couple of days for mummy and daddy as our preparations continue in earnest. I went shopping with my sisters and bought some maternity bras, midi dresses, summer cardis and the cutest newborn starter set from M&S. Daddy built the cot too yesterday after re-painting the wall on the Monday.


Today I left work on time-ish as it was a lovely sunny day. Hubby assembled the wardrobe and it looks lovely. The white really brightens up the room. Can’t wait to start filling it with baby items. :-)

Date of entry: Tuesday 23 April 2013 – 4.00am (30 weeks pregnant)

I went to bed early last night and got up to use the bathroom at around quarter to midnight. Here I am still unable to sleep but very tired indeed. Bubba woke up for a bit too and was doing cartwheels. Work later today is going to be fun – not!! I’m going to have to force myself even harder to sleep, because this is lack of sleep is not fun.

Date of entry: Thursday (just about) 25 April – 23:55

Today was a day of mixed emotions for me but I am nevertheless thankful to God for his grace and mercies.

Waiting at the bus stop after my antenatal appointment
Waiting at the bus stop after my antenatal appointment

I had an antenatal appointment at the start of the day. Urine fine, BP fine, given vaccine for whooping cough (still got a very sore left upper arm), bump measures 30cm which is good and Bubba is still head down which is excellent. I have however put on 9.3kg (20.5lbs) since I’ve been pregnant. I know weight gain during pregnancy is inevitable but I don’t think I had been mentally prepared for the cold truth – especially given that I’m still able to wear some of my clothes. It’s all good though, and of course, it’s for a worthy cause. 😀

Work was super busy as usual but my manager gave me some good news, I’m not going to be allocated any new cases from now on. This was definitely music to my ears.

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