My Pregnancy Diary – Part 5

My Pregnancy Diary – Part 5

Welcome back to my throwback series of posts from my pregnancy.

This is Part 5. :-)

Date of entry: Tuesday 12 March – 02:30hrs (24 weeks pregnant)

I can’t sleep. Full stop. *sigh*

Date of entry: Saturday 16 March – 19:02

I just want to say that feeling my baby move is the best feeling in the world right now. When I poke my belly a bit, the little Bubba responds. How amazing. It’s such a wonderful feeling. I’m really looking forward to meeting this little person, but I can definitely wait the remaining 15 weeks till my due date.

No need to rush the arrival – especially when this Mama hasn’t bought a single thing yet in preparation.

My last entry from earlier this week just made me laugh. I had a couple more sleepless nights but I used my time wisely – to shop!! I got some lovely curtains, cushion covers and cushion pads, all of which arrived before the end of the week – my colleagues have now started making fun of me. Re the sleep, I am now using 2 pillows and 2 cushions to aid the process – whilst I contemplate buying a Dreamgenii brand new as opposed to a ‘used – as new’ one from eBay. Oh decisions, decisions.

I had a lovely group chat (via iMessage) with my sisters for most of the morning and early afternoon, we covered many topics and had many laughs.

Date of entry: Monday 18 March 2013 (25 weeks pregnant) – just before I call it a day.

I decided to wash, steam and straighten my hair yesterday evening. The results must have been good as I received a lot of compliments at work today. As well as giving me fuller hair, Bubba is also making my nails grow. Thanks Bubbs. xXx

Date of entry: Friday 22 March 2013.

It’s just a couple of minutes before 7pm and I’m sat on the floor leaning against the end of the bed reflecting on the last two days. Daddy and mummy to be went out yesterday to look at baby things. I was armed with my list, baby products guide book (and several pens for some strange reason). We saw a lot of stuff and ‘road tested’ some key products including the Orbit pushchair. All in all, it was a very beneficial outing. Then we had an early dinner at Vapiano (where it all began ?).

So today, Hubby and I started the day with a mini soul-searching convo and set about changing the layout of the bedroom in readiness for Bubba’s cot.

I was overwhelmed by how much load we have – some of which hadn’t actually been unpacked since we moved in almost a year ago (guess that should tell us something right?!?). Anyway, we persevered and Hubby had a little ‘Bob the Builder’ session which was really good. The end result, we have our space for our baby and are eagerly awaiting Bubba’s arrival. ?

Date of entry: Tuesday 09 April 2013 – 23:25

So much has happened in the past couple of weeks don’t really know where to start. Well, I’ll try and pick up from the last entry.

On Sunday 24th March, we hosted my Aunty O and her family and we had a lovely time together, especially as Grandma and Aunty to be (FT) came to join us. Naturally, I exerted myself in the kitchen, but the effort was worth it.

The following day, I met up with my Original Wifey – Mrs P and her beautiful daughter Sophia, we had a lovely little catch up. ??

Easter hols was early this year so I returned to work for a three day week. This was also a dear colleague’s last week at work and it was really sad to say good bye to her. She had been my work mummy and we had grown really close in a short space of time.
She got me some pressies and I was very touched.


Easter Saturday was my cousin’s wedding and it was also Bump’s first official outing and debut. After months of not fully showing, Bubba decided to show and show by force. I’ve since fully embraced the Bump – even though it’s not like I have any other choice……!!

I’ve started to doze now so tbc. 😉

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