My Pregnancy Diary – Part 1

Early on in my pregnancy, I decided to start a diary/journal to record my thoughts and feelings about my experience. With this series of posts, I will take you on my pregnancy journey.

7 December 2012

It’s Sunday 28th October 2012. It’s the last day of the Women’s convention at my church and the dress code is cream. I already had the outfit in my head and it consisted of a cream skirt. The only problem was my period was now 8 days late. I woke with the nightmare of wearing that skirt then having to deal with the unplanned arrival of said period. It was then that I decided that I had to know once and for all if it was just late or if – by the grace and mercy of God – I was actually pregnant.

So I threw a mini hissy fit and told Papa Nate that he HAD to go to the supermarket to buy a pregnancy test. Papa Nate was not too keen on this but he obliged.

At around 10:45 I took the test and set the timer. When the time was up, I didn’t turn to stick over immediately – I was reluctant to see just one line. So I turned the test around and was greeted by two lines which meant one thing: I WAS PREGNANT!!!


The feeling was of relief mixed with fear. Relief that my husband and I had been blessed with the fruit of the womb but fear that we were actually going to be parents. Papa Nate was not surprised at all, instead he said he “knew” I was pregnant.

We agreed not to tell anyone but he allowed me to tell my mum. This I did as soon as I got to church around 12:30 that same day. Mummy prayed for me was stunned but elated. By this this I had already worked out – thanks to a quick google search – that I was exactly 5 weeks pregnant.

To be continued.

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