My Pregnancy Diary – Part 4

Welcome back to my throwback series of posts from my pregnancy.

This is part 4. :-)

Date of entry: Saturday 02 February 2013

I felt Bubba move today. I was lying on my right side on the bed talking to my mummy on the phone. I had been very still and I felt something that was like a muscle tweak. I felt it once and then two further times in quick succession. I knew it was my Bubba moving and noting else. I stopped my convo with mum and asked her what it feels like and she laughed and said she couldn’t remember! Oh the joy. ????

Sneaky work selfie
Sneaky work selfie

Date of entry: Thursday 07 February 2013

It’s 08:36 and I’m on my way to work giddy with excitement. Today is my 20 week scan and I’m so excited. I’ve decided that I won’t disclose Bubba’s sex if we find out. Still in awe by the awesomeness and the faithfulness of God. Also got some good news this week about a close sister and friend of mine who’s expecting and joining the 2013 Baby Club.


Just on my way home from Chelsea and Westminster Hospital after having the anomaly scan. To the glory of God, nothing was detected. The Sonographer was not even going to tell us the sex! I told her to go looking for it o and she said, this is not always 100% accurate “so keep all your receipts and have another name on standby”. I actually laughed out loud!

Anyway, we know what Bubba is and I already have a picture in my head of what my baby is going to look like. xXx

Date of entry: Friday 08 March 2013 – 19:40

So after a long and tiring week, I’m home and about to make some food. I’ve been enjoying lovely, healthy smoothies which have been my mine and Ade’s evening treat since Monday.

This has been a hard week for me emotionally for non pregnancy related reasons but there’s always hope and always something to be thankful for. For me, those things or rather people are my husband, mother and sisters. The love I have for these people is immeasurable.

Ade said earlier that I was the most beautiful pregnant woman he’s ever seen and my heart melted with the sincerity of this comment.

From Aunty Teni
From Aunty Teni

I came home today to a package from my Teni Babes. She had written a letter to Ads and I together, and a separate one to Bubba too. She almost had me in tears. These two bodysuits are Bubba’s first items of clothing…..all so surreal.

The past month has gone by so quickly and I really can’t believe we’re more than a week into March. I’m gradually getting bigger and feeling a lot more movements. Finally got my maternity certificate so I have officially notified my employer that I’m expecting and given a date for the start of my maternity leave. At present, my last day is Friday 7th June – less than three months away……..!

Bump watch
Bump watch

A highlight for me this past month was my sister’s thanksgiving and birthday dinner on Sunday 24 Feb. It was a lovely occasion, especially with all the Fam in our native attire. The speeches were tots emosh and Mum was on fine form with her comedienne ways!!

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