10 Times I’ve Tried and Failed to Reason With My Toddler

Babies and toddlers are incredibly smart and intuitive. As The Boy gets older, he’s becoming more decisive and letting us know what he wants and what he doesn’t want.

Sometimes those ‘wants’ are funny, potentially unsafe or may simply be inconvenient for me (not going to lie).

Below is a list of recent examples where I’ve tried and failed to reason with The Boy. Yes, I may be expecting too much of him now, but one day, he will surprise me and actually get it! :-)

1. “You don’t need your coat, it’s hot outside.”

He’s so used to wearing his coat daily that he didn’t understand that he didn’t need to wear one that sunny day.

2. “You can’t play with the car key, I need it to drive the car.”

Needless to say, there were tears.

3. “Throwing food is wasteful.”


4. “If you go to bed late, you will be tired in the morning.”

And he just looks at me and laughs like I told him a funny joke.

5. “Say thank you.”

Only once have I heard something resembling a thank you. Apparently he’s too young, meh!! But, on the bright side, a staff member at his nursery said I should give it three weeks max, and he’ll start saying it now he’s in the toddler room.

6. “Don’t go outside with bare feet.”

Because your feet will get dirty and I’ll have to clean them and mop the floors. No, I meant cos you may get hurt.

7. “No that’s not banana, it’s plantain.”

I can’t blame the boy, ripe bananas and plantains look alike.

8. “Whole grapes are a choking hazard.”

If he wonders in during my preparation of this snack, he will insist on eating the grapes whole.

9. “The longer you cry, the more tired you will become.”

I’m used to a usually chilled and happy baby, I really find all this crying draining. If I feel like that, surely he (the cryer) must feel even more tired.

10. “Don’t throw Mummy’s phone, it may break.”

Thankfully, he understands the simple instruction of bringing me my phone, I just don’t think he knows that throwing on the floor could cause damage. (My case is doing a great job at the moment.)

Are there times when you’ve tried to reason with your toddlers? Please share your experiences below.



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  1. I particularly love it when they laugh when you’re scolding them. To be honest I usually just laugh along as well. And yes, he will surprise you -they always do!

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