Turning Two, Interesting Times

The Boy turned two earlier this month. I really don’t know where the time has gone and can’t quite believe I’m a mum to a two year old. By the grace of God I am, and I’m so thankful.

The past couple of months have been interesting to say the least. Of course people have warned me about the “terrible twos”. Whilst I do not believe in attaching negative labels to children (ie terrible, stubborn, naughty etc), I expected that there would be a change in behaviour. And boy was I right!

Here’s what I noticed in the weeks leading up to his birthday:

* there was an increased reluctance to eat

* he was more decisive, especially when refusing something

* he became more clingy towards his dad and I

* he refused to let other familiar people hold him (except Grandma – thankfully)

* there were more instances of dramatic falling, in other words, throwing a tantrum or wobbly

* he was more tearful and started to cry during nursery drop offs (one day, he cried when I arrived to collect him)

What all the above means is that, it’s been pretty full on recently. We had a few events and he’s not wanted us to leave his sight which was quite restrictive.

Sometimes I don’t know why he’s crying. I’ve even got the feeling that he doesn’t know either.

We are definitely in a new phase which is giving us new opportunities to learn and grow as parents.

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  1. Sounds like little man is growing up! It’s funny how every development phase brings different sets of ‘interesting’ behaviours. It seems like two is quite a challenging one. I’ve still got a year to prepare myself for it! K x

    1. Hi K, you are so right about the differences in each phase. Whilst I think I won’t know what to do, we find a way and work things out. All the while cherishing each beautiful moment. ? xXx

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