Scratched at Nursery

I went for Parents’ Evening at Nate’s nursery a couple of weeks ago. I saw a parent asking why a particular child appeared to be targeting his son who had been bitten on two separate occasions by the boy.

This got me thinking of what I would do in the same situation. I confessed to my mum later that I really don’t know what I would do, if anything happened to Nate at nursery.

Earlier this week, I collected The Boy from nursery and immediately noticed a long scratch on the side of his face.


Neither of the staff members present could tell me how it had happened.

“We didn’t see him crying at any point.”

“He wasn’t involved in any disagreements over toys with any of the other children.”

This was what they told me.

The Boy was happy to see me and seemed his usual self so even though I was upset at seeing the scratch, I didn’t make an issue of it.

It’s possible that the scratch could have been self-inflicted. (This is however unlikely as I cut his finger nails at least once a week, as required.)

I guess my reaction was because the scratch is minor compared to other things that could happen like bites, bruises, falls etc. I did make it clear to the nursery staff that failing to cry is not an indicator that my son has not been hurt.

As parents we will have situations that will be outside our control and that could test our resolve. I’d like to think that I would show restraint and not blame nursery staff in similar situations. Children affect our hearts but it’s important to stay calm and rational.

Of course I’m praying that as he moves from the baby room to the toddler room, I won’t have to deal with more serious issues.


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  1. It can be hard. I have had situations where daughter had some battle scars to. In fairness She does play rough so gives as good as she gets but sometimes you just don’t know. Just keep an eye on it. You will probably find in toddler class, he may be more vocal on happenings during the day whether good or bad. Just ask how his day went after nursery. I’m sure he will have a whole heap to say. Lol

    1. Hi Troy, thanks for your comment. I’ll definitely do that, I don’t want to be overly anxious or fussy. It’s per for the course I guess. :-)

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