Our Holiday Begins

Our Holiday Begins

Our holiday location

We are currently on a family holiday in Crete (in Greece). We are in the region of Agia Pelagia staying at Seaside Resort & Spa.

Leaving home

Our outward flight was scheduled to depart at 7:15am. I decided to get the 5:00am express train to the airport. Of course, even the best laid plans sometimes go awry.


I was awake from 2:40am. (I put this down to pre-travelling nerves.) I got dressed and woke an extremely sleepy baby. Papa Nate still wanted a lie-in but I convinced him to postpone it.

We left home five minutes later than planned so I power-walked to the station with The Boy in the stroller. (Papa Nate had all our luggage so the short walk was not as ‘easy’ for him – so he told me.)

Without exaggerating, we made it on the train with seconds to spare.

The 4:00am start was worth it

We got to the airport at around 5:30am. By now we had caught our breath and we strolled to check in our suitcase. As we looked for our airline’s zone, we saw an almighty queue and were told that this was for us. It was so bad that I couldn’t even see the beginning of it. I just saw masses and masses of people. (I was too shocked to take a picture.) We stayed in this queue for one hour and my main thought was “thank God we got up at 4:00am and made that train”. I had questioned myself and thought I was being overly cautious.

Airport bound
Airport bound

When you pack for every eventuality

I like to be prepared for every eventuality. When packing for a holiday, this can prove to be problematic. Many items I packed were because I had the following thought: “I’ll take this just in case X happens”. I wrote a list so that I didn’t forget any essential items like…errrrrm…just any essentials. 😉

Whilst I thought I’d been very savvy, the scales told a different story. I was 3.4kg over the maximum baggage allowance. (After queuing for an hour, I was tired. I was also conscious that we still had to go through security and our flight was due to leave in 45minutes.) I didn’t even quibble or ask the attendant to overlook this. I agreed to pay the excess fee. That was my duty-free perfume money gone. *sigh*

Airport Security almost made me cry

We were directed to a special section of airport security for families which made me happy. However this feeling didn’t last too long.

I had packed all of The Boy’s ready-mixed formula in my hand luggage so I dutifully put these out on the tray. Immediately, the officer said I was only allowed enough milk for the flight, namely two cartons.

This was news to me so I explained that I flew with the same airline last summer and had all of Nate’s milk and food pouches in my hand luggage. She disputed that I would have been allowed to fly so she called for her supervisor. As we waited, I looked at my son’s face then at the tray containing over over a dozen cartons of milk and I wanted to cry. As he still being selective with his food, the milk was the failsafe.

I said an internal prayer and waited for what seemed like a very long while for the supervisor. She eventually arrived and I explained (in a slightly quivering voice) that I genuinely thought it was acceptable to carry the baby food as I had done on the previous occasion. I told her that I had packed all the milk in my hand luggage as I thought it would be safer with me. She listened and said she was satisfied with my explanation and said I could take it on board. To say I was relieved is an understatement.


I’ll skip the bit about the forgotten Bobby pin in my hair which set of the metal detectors and required an extra, a pat-down search and hand held metal detector. Nate was crying at this time and didn’t understand what was happening to his mummy.

After clearing security, we made our way to the departure gate. Once we found our gate number, we saw we apparently had under 10 minutes to get there. Just to cap off an already exciting morning, the gate was a mile away so more power-walking for us. We shouldn’t have bothered though as we were met with another queue at the gate.

And finally, the real icing on the cake was that after boarding, we were held on the runway until 7:50am.

I determined that I would put all that drama aside and leave it all in London. It would not set the tone of our holiday and we would have a wonderful, RELAXING time.

Look out for more holiday chronicles coming soon. :-)


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