My Essentials for Travelling with a Toddler

My Essentials for Travelling with a Toddler

In a previous holiday related post, I shared that I had to pay for excess luggage on our outward flight. Below is a list of my essential items for travelling with a toddler (note: not all of these contributed to my overweight luggage). I haven’t included more obvious items like sunscreen and a sufficient number of outfits.

* Baby wipes. Plenty of baby wipes. I had three new packs for seven days. These are not just great for nappy changes but for hands, faces, surfaces and everything else that takes your fancy.

Red Kite Stroller
Red Kite Stroller

* Stroller. My usual pushchair is relatively lightweight but the convenience of a simple stroller cannot be over-emphasised. Even for toddlers who are confident walkers. This little man loves running around and being free. But the times I expect him to walk, he would rather to carried. To save our arms, the stroller came to our rescue. (One of my Mummy BFFs shared this tip and even gave me her stroller.)

* Comfort item. Most babies and toddlers have an item that they carry everywhere and that they find soothing. For some it’s a teddy bear, for others it’s a blanket. For my son, it’s his plastic cars. There are four of them and he usually carries two around at any one time. I made sure that I did not forget these, half were in my hand luggage and the other half stayed with him.

Stacking cups
Stacking cups

* Portable and interchangeable toys. In addition to the comfort item, it’s a good idea to take a few toys as well. Stacking cups are a favourite of mine. They are versatile, durable and provide hours of fun. Of course they can be used to build the humble tower (which is then swiftly knocked down), they are equally great to throw around in the pool and also to build sandcastles on the beach. They also make very good hats. :-)

* Comfortable shoes and/or water sandals. I had both of these. At the moment, we are loving these deck shoes from H&M.


The sandals are from Gap. They were a last minute buy and I have no regrets. They are sturdy, comfortable, easy to wear/remove and had a good grip around the pool. I chose these over a cute pair of Havaianas flip flops.

* Washing up liquid and a sponge/brush. I’m totally serious. I put some in a small food pot so I would be able to wash Nate’s two beakers. As he’s older now, I didn’t have to take much. Last year when he was still using bottles, I took my own bowl with a lid, a bigger pot of washing up liquid and sterilising tablets. (I know there’s a big debate on sterilising. I ended up just using hot water after washing and I did the same this time around too.)

* Familiar snacks. I’m of the view that it’s always preferable to plan ahead especially when it comes to my son’s food/snacks. It may not alway be possible to find his favourite snack so I find it helpful to pack some along. Of course I try him on local foods first.

* A Nanny. No I did not smuggle one in my luggage. Nor did I pay for one to accompany us on our trip. This essential ‘item’ is on my Wish List though.

Having travelled with my son last year with four other people, I definitely noticed the difference this time around. Whilst we love our son very much, there was a limit to what we could do. (Our resort did have babysitting facilities but I chose not to use them because I’m just that mum!)

Will definitely include his Grandma and/or aunts on subsequent hols.

This list is not exhaustive. May add more as I remember them.

MN :-)

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