Facts About Me

Facts About Me

I was tagged by my fellow Mummy Blogger, Sade of Baby N Tradition to share seven random facts about myself so here I go.

1. The Big 3-0

I just turned 30 nine days ago. When I was in my early teens, I thought being 30 was so OLD. After my 29th birthday, I still had irrational feelings about turning 30. As the day approached, I realised that age is relative. I’ve also been assured that my best years are ahead of me so I’m looking forward to being 30 and fabulous.

2. Independent Woman

Think of Destiny’s Child singing the theme tune to the remake of Charlie’s Angels. That was me all throughout my late teens and early-20s. That song was one of my anthems (in addition to No Scrubs and the other great songs from that time) and it’s a must for any karaoke.

My independence wasn’t just because a girl band was brainwashing me (as some male college friends told me). It really stemmed from losing my father when I was 16. Us girls – my mum, sisters and I – had to band together and do things for ourselves. I don’t have a brother and I am the first born. From changing a light bulb to assembling flat pack furniture, I did it because there was no man to do so. You wouldn’t find a helpless babe in our household. They were good times.

When I was getting married though, an aunt shared some pearls of wisdom that made me chillax “small-small”. (This post is not supposed to be long. Possible future post maybe?!?).

3. The English Language

I was a massive bookworm growing up and I always had my nose in a book. I was the typical read-under-the-covers child. I even used to read English dictionaries. If I was reading a book and didn’t understand a word, I would check the dictionary for its meaning then use a thesaurus to find similar words. I also loved discovering the etymologies (origin/history) of words.

Since turning 30, I’ve decided to reignite my love of reading.

4. Given point 3 above, I did not study English as a degree. (It’s never too late though.)

5. Musical Aspirations

I played the violin in school. It’s a beautiful instrument and Vanessa Mae made it ├╝ber cool.

6. Quiet Extrovert

I’m a very quiet person and I love my own company. I’m also a very sociable person and enjoy the company of my friends. If I’m out at a function, I’ll engage and participate. What’s the point of being a wallflower if I’ve gone to the effort of getting dressed and leaving my house? If the event calls for singing or dancing then I will sing or dance (most times I usually do both). I’m a very quiet person though. :-)

7. Pink Cuteness

As this is a mummy blog, my last fact is about babies. When I was pregnant, I really, really wanted a baby girl. I have three younger sisters and no prior experience of baby boys. I just love all the cute baby pink goodness that baby girls bring. Not to mention their adorable little outfits in a million different styles.

Well, I had Nate and I wouldn’t trade him for a second. As you know, this mama loves her Nate.

So there you have it.



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  1. Mama Nate! First of all Happy Belated Birthday! ! The big 3 0. Honestly, I have the same thoughts about it like you did.
    I can totally relate with #2 , life experiences like losing someone you depended on will make you strong and independent. May his soul continue to RIP.
    Glad to know I’m not the only one who read dictionaries.
    I enjoyed this post! x

  2. Happy belated birthday my dear never to late xx well done with your blog it’s fun and informative keep up the good work luv ya
    Aunty P xx

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