Social Media Connections!

Social Media Connections!

Last weekend I did something different.

Some even said it was risky. (Papa Nate and my friend Kiki being the most vocal.)

We live in the age of social media and it’s possible to connect with people from all over the world. Like virtual pen pals. :-)

I met up with a mum I’d come to ‘know’ via my blog and Instagram. The mum in question is Bee of the B for Betula blog.

She’s a Nigerian/British mum of one like me and from a few posts, I could tell that we had some things in common.

I left a passing comment on a post suggesting a playdate/coffee and somehow, we both had availability the following week.

I’m so glad I reached out. I hadn’t gotten any strange vibes prior to meeting Bee and our time together was like a meeting between two old friends. It just flowed and wasn’t weird at all.

Connecting via social media with like minded people is a fantastic way to network and share experiences and ideas. Not to mention the platform it provides to promote one’s brand and/or business. Being a relative novice, I’m obviously excited by all of this.

(Yes there is a less savoury and sinister side to meeting people online. For this reason, I would always recommend implementing safeguards prior to a meeting.)

What’s the point of collecting followers and likes only to sit indoors and wallow till the next post? (That’s not me, #ImJustSaying)

Go out and make a real-life connection. :-)


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  1. What a lovely afternoon we had! And Nate is truly such a well behaved, handsome little boy. Now, can I pressure you some more to come join Twitter!

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