What Do You Mean Baby Brain Doesn’t Exist?

The results of a recent study concluded that there’s no such thing as ‘baby brain’ because it’s a concept of the mind.

Errrrrrr, excuse me? Whilst I’m very against viewing pregnancy as a ‘condition’ or a reason to excuse tardiness, I think there is some truth to the existence of baby brain.

I don’t really remember being all that forgetful during pregnancy and in the early days of being a new mum. But I know that the hormones definitely made me feel different.

I agree to an extent that the way we perceive a situation can affect our moods and outlook. This is why I think it’s very important to always look for the positive and surround oneself with positivity. This was especially so when I was pregnant. I didn’t focus on the million things that could go wrong and focused on enjoying my experience and looking ahead to the arrival of our gift from God.

Going back to the study, I think a sample of 42 women is too small to conclusively decide that baby brain doesn’t exist.

The simple fact that being pregnant and having a newborn can be tiring means some women may feel like they under-perform or have baby brain. If they had more sleep and were less tired, I’m sure they would have a different outlook.

However, I’ll take one positive thing from the results of this study, Mummies rock! Despite the lack of sleep, the raging hormones and the million other things that mummies have to deal with, when tested, we perform as good as the rest of them. Wouldn’t it be great if this could be widely recognised in the workplace? Well, a girl can dream! :-)


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