My Mother is Gold


It’s Mother’s Day today in the UK. Unlike other over-commercialised occasions, this is one that I hold dear.

The reason for this is simple; my mother is Gold. I know a lovely lady whose Yoruba name is ‘Iyaniwura’. When I discovered that the English translation was ‘a mother is gold (precious)’, I was in awe. Since then, I’ve made it personal to me – Iyaminiwura – MY mother is Gold.


From the moment I got pregnant, I developed a new found respect for not just my mum, but all mothers. This feeling deepened as my pregnancy progressed and I experienced some of the challenging aspects of pregnancy. Thankfully I didn’t experience things like nausea or swollen feet, but I still empathise with those who do/did so my appreciation for mothers remains very high.

With grandson when he was a few days old.
With grandson when he was a few days old.

This appreciation starts with my very own mother. She’s a mother of four and a grandmother of one. These are just her biological children; several other people call her mum and grandma. My mother is one of the most caring, loving and selfless people I know. She’s my number one role model and supporter. She has instilled so many values in me and she leads by example in everything. These are just a few attributes that she possesses and why I will always say that my mother is Gold.


I believe that Mother’s Day is a day to thank God for:

* your mother (whether alive or departed, whether biological or otherwise);

* your children (whether they have been born or not); and

* specifically for single mothers who are doing it through no fault of their own (widows /desertion).

I remember the day I discovered I was pregnant. I knew I was beginning a journey to a different phase of my life; one that would make me someone’s mother. Through this journey, I’ve remained thankful for the encouragement and support of family and friends. Today, I’m most especially grateful for my mother.



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