Flexi-time, The Working Mum’s Lifesaver



Flexi-time has proved to be the biggest advantage of my new job. This was especially true a couple of weeks before Christmas. 
Papa Nate came down with a viral illness and was effectively out of action for two weeks. 

Having flexi-time helped me work around the needs of my family. I was able arrive at work at times that suited me without worrying that I’d be late or having to explain/excuse myself to my new manager. 

It was tiring caring for both my babies. Knowing that with flexi-time I simply had to be at work by 10am, I allowed myself to sleep in a little longer some mornings in order to give me strength for the day ahead. The downside was however that I had to stay later at work. 

Another advantage of flexi-time is the ability to build ‘flexi-credit’. This also came in handy during my weeks of double duty. 

I wasn’t so lucky with my nursery drop off one day though. On a normal day, I drop The Boy off at around 8am. (They usually give them breakfast from 8-9.) Well, this particular morning I got there at 9:05. Once in, one of the workers told me off indirectly. In my head I thought, “you better feed my child” but I apologised all the same. Thankfully she recognised that we were never usually ‘late’ and confirmed that Nate would be given breakfast!  

On his first day back following the Christmas break, the nursery called as he had a temperature. Again, I was able to leave work know that I could make up the time. 

I’m coming to realise that flexibility is essential to assist working mothers. I came across the article and it struck a cord. The comments to the article however show the hostility that some mothers experience daily. 

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  1. Hmmm, I was also looking forward to the enjoying the benefits of flexi working, until my employer refused my application on the basis of they have too many part-timers and it’s becoming detrimental to the business….to say I wasn’t impressed is an understatement…still hurting, praying that God gives me the courage and grace not to be bitter and be thankful that I do have a job after all :-)

    1. Hi hon, thanks for stopping by.

      Sorry to hear that your request was turned down, I can definitely imagine your disappointment. I’m guessing there was no appeal process (if there is and you’re still in time, maybe consider it).

      God will definitely give you the grace to take it all in your stride. Being thankful is key, you will feel better in time and find ways to make your situation work.

      Take care.

      Yinka. xXx

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