New Job, First Day.

I started a new job on Monday.  Prior to starting, I had worried about my working hours and wondered what impact (if any) there might be to my daily routine. I also worried about what I would wear.

Deciding on the right outfit was very important to me. When I’m well dressed, I feel confident. And that’s what I needed that Monday morning as I was really nervous.


Whilst out shopping with my mum a couple of weeks ago, I saw this cute work dress from Marks and Spencer but I refused to buy it in a size 12. (I will share my reason for this another time!).

I figured that everything in my wardrobe will be ‘new’ at my new workplace so I didn’t get hung up on buying new outfits. So for my first day, I decided on a trusted black dress with a cropped blazer. I accessorised with a beaded necklace and a skinny waist belt.

image image

By way of background, at my old workplace, I applied for a formal change to my contract when I returned from maternity leave. I therefore worked condensed hours from Monday to Thursday and I had Friday “off”. (Note: my colleagues always wished me a nice long weekend but for me it was not a ‘day off’ in the usual sense. I rarely relaxed and did nothing.)

Back to my first day.  As it happens, my new office is a five minute walk from home. Amazing, yes I know. (I promise, I’m not being smug, I empathise with those who have to endure long commutes.)

After the initial welcome from my manager, I got down to the real matter – will I have to work on Fridays? The short answer is I really don’t know.

My manager asked if I’d raised this earlier……errr, I hadn’t. I wanted to get the job and start first!!

Now I’m thinking I should have mentioned it earlier….oh well. They have ‘flexi-time’ which is new to me so I’ll see how that goes.

My first day went well and I was excited to get home so I could get cuddles and kisses from The Boy. He wasn’t interested in sitting still for a selfie though.


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