“Say goodbye to Mummy”

It’s 7:27am and I start work at 8am.

In an ideal world, I would already be on my way to the bus stop. But not today.

The Boy just woke up and had his morning bottle of milk. He’s now chilling with his daddy – Papa Nate.

I’m ready to leave but not before my son waves me goodbye. I proceed to try and coax this elusive wave from him and refuse to accept help from Papa Nate who has lifted his arm and is waving for him. I wanted to feel the elation I get from my one year old son waving bye to me when prompted.¬†¬†After several minutes of cooing and begging for Nate to “say goodbye to mummy”, I finally got my wave.

I knew better than to wait for him to “blow mummy kisses”.

I was late to work, oh well.

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