Motherhood Advice From a Super rich Supermodel

Supermodel – wife and mother of two – Gisele B√ľndchen has said recently that mothers should take care of themselves first (before children) so that they can be better mothers.


Normally, I would not take advice from a supermodel. On this occasion though, I think she’s right. Gisele used the analogy of oxygen masks in aeroplanes and again, it’s a very good one.

When Nate was born, I realised that everything about my life had changed forever. I breastfed on demand exclusively for almost six months. In that time, everything revolved around him. By everything, I mean, I sacrificed my sleep, my social life and Papa Nate would definitely say our love life too.

In amongst all this though, there were times when my family would cover a shift and allow me the opportunity to sleep or just have “me time”. Those couple of hours were nothing short of miraculous. I’d feel energised and ready to resume my role as some version of Superwoman.


In the early days, I felt guilty. Now, I don’t. It’s as simple as that.

Looking after myself as a mother (and wife) does not mean I’ve stopped caring for my spouse and son. Before they came along, I existed. Now they’re here, I can’t forget myself.

After working long hours during the week, I allow myself some chill out time where Papa Nate watches The Boy and I catch up on tv or sleep. I may not have all the resources of a supermodel (nannies, mansions and millions); but there are some things like peace of mind that money can’t buy.

Check out the article with Gisele below.

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